York Climate Commission


To support delivery of the net zero carbon ambition in the City of York and its surroundings by 2030.


Act as an independent, technical body representing and reflecting the public, private and civic sectors from across the City of York; providing strategic oversight and accountability for progressing the City’s climate change agenda.

Background & Context

The City of York Council (the council) recognises that no single organisation has the power, authority, resources or ability to achieve the city-level change needed to deliver our ambition of becoming a net zero carbon city by 2030.

Bringing together key partners across the city is essential in creating shared ownership and accountability but also benefiting from the collective experience and expertise that exists within York.   

The council has proposed the establishment of a York Climate Commission (the Commission) to acknowledge the collective responsibility of our climate change ambition and provide leadership in delivering on this ambition.

Working Groups

The Commission is now split into Working Groups for a variety of sustainability related issues.

  • Biodiversity/Nature
  • Buildings and Retrofit 
  • Connecting With Green Spaces 
  • Education and Youth Engagement 
  • Energy 
  • Food
  • Future Green Economy 
  • Health and Climate Change
  • Transport
  • Waste and Circular Economy 

If you would like any more information about any of the Working Groups or would like to join one please email carbon.reduction@york.gov.uk